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     10/15/13 - Knock, Knock!  Who's There? Singing missionaries, that's who!

    Ever been in a room with 2,600 people who were blushing, gasping and laughing uncontrollably – all at the same time?

    That was the scene last weekend at “The Book of Mormon,” the Tony Award-winning musical that continues its Omaha run this week at the Orpheum Theater.

    It’s naughty. It’s nice. It’s edgy, yet traditional. It’s all Broadway musical, and tickets are going fast. This is absolutely the hottest ticket in Omaha right now. The buzz on this show is deafening.

    The overwhelming success of this hilarious musical seems unpredictable. There’s no way even Nostradamus could have predicted this one. How could he have predicted that two door-knocking, white-shirt-black-tie-wearing missionaries asking to share their message would someday be the basis for an award-winning Broadway musical.

    But leave it to the twisted minds of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to produce a song-and-dance send-up using the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints as the fuel that dives this over-the-top comedy.

    The New York Times called this show the "best musical of this century." Think about that? Talk about weighty statements. Rolling Stone said, "The Book of Mormon is on its march into legend." New York said the musical has "enough comedic force to prolapse the average diaphragm."

    And you know what? The critics are right – this is an amazing musical, and the touring Broadway production version that is playing at the Orpheum this week is incredible. Great actors, inventive sets, briskly paced musical numbers, and laughs galore make this a show not to miss.

    There's a reason “The Book of Mormon” won nine Tony Awards, including Best Musical for 2011.

    Like I said, tickets are going fast. But – as is the case with pretty much any show that comes through Omaha – Ticket Express has tickets for the best seats in the house at hard-to-beat prices. Reserve your seat online at, or call 402-398-1999.